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Language Lessons and Tuition

Globefarm offers Language Lessons and Tuition for single students and groups.

Students can be of any age group, and the type of course can follow scholastic curricula or may be conversational and based on diverse themes.

Online lessons are available and are particularly encouraged as an integral part of the tuition. Currently the lessons are offered mostly using SKYPE.

Course may be held face to face (after when we are out of the Covid emergency), singularly or in groups, at convenient locations.

Globefarm organises events such as Summer Schools which may be for children and also adults in the beautiful coastal region of Abruzzo in Italy.

Please contact us to book up your lessons and tell us of your requirements.

New Quick & Easy Method

Hello everyone.

It is my great pleasure to introduce my new revolutionary method “Quick & Easy” to help you understand how English grammar works, so you can easily use it in your conversations and communications.

“Quick & Easy” has been successfully tested over the years with excellent results!

So, what are you waiting for? Try it!

Workshops and Organised Tours

Due to the Coronavirus emergency, workshops and tours are momentarily suspended.

Buy Quick & Easy online: