J.B. Nazzari – Biography

J.B. Nazzari was born in New York to Italian parents. The family moved to Switzerland when she was young and was educated at schools in Lugano before completing her education at the Herbert H. Lehman College, City University of New York, where she graduated with a BA in Languages.

 She worked for many years in the fashion industry in Italy and the USA, where she used her bilingual experience to good effect, before she dedicated herself to language teaching in Italy and Switzerland, where she has been giving English and Italian lessons to children and adults, privately and in educational institutions, at diverse scholastic levels, including business language courses. She gives face to face and online courses to individuals and groups. 

 She created GlobeFarm as a means of offering language services and organising workshops and tours in Italy and beyond.

 From her diverse experiences in commerce and as a teacher in the USA, Switzerland and Italy and thanks to her bilingual experienced herself J. B. Nazzari has identified the principal problems to overcome in learning English and has created and tested her English teaching and learning method called “Quick & Easy”. 

 “Quick & Easy” is a simple and pragmatic approach to learning and teaching the fundamentals of English grammar.It allows the student to rapidly  become confident and competent in communicating in English, and gives the teacher a concise instrument for transmitting a  basic  knowledge of the English language.