Learn English grammar with Quick & Easy

Perhaps you have started learning English with boring manuals and repetitive exercises. You are not the only one to find these methods difficult and confusing.

And if I were to tell you that there is another way to learn English grammar?

A method that makes it easier to understand and remember. 

We all use the grammar of our mother tongue without difficulty even though we have not spent too much time with lessons  and exercises.

This is because as children we learnt the language through practical examples and we were corrected by our parents only when needed.

The good news is, that thanks to J. B. Nazzari you can use a new method, Quick & Easy, to learn English.

The Quick & Easy method  has been successfully tested over the years with excellent results!

It clearly explains where to place modal and auxiliary verbs.For example, with the auxiliary “DO” (present) … and “DID” (past), the afermatives ,negatives and interrogatives of all verbs are created, apart from the autonomous verb.”to be”.

Examples of phrase transformations:

AFFERMATIVE: I live in Como.
NEGATIVE: I DON T live in….

Other auxliliaries are used according to the indications contained in the method.

Are you interested? What are you waiting for?

Try Quick & Easy and learn English now!

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